Picture the Concept of Paradise

Monday, 28 February 2011

If you want to picture the concept of paradise, you may simply look at most of Bali to get the idea.

I should know, because for decades I have lived in a variety of tropical countries. Others, who did their own search for the promised land, either to prepare for retirement or for mixing enjoyment with sound investment, agree: “It doesnt come much better than Bali”. Part of the fun in my daily work is from meeting all these open minded people who have decided to settle here and can see the world for what it is. They confirm that this unique island is truly offering The Good Life which becomes increasingly evasive for most people on our ever changing planet. You may agree that the lure of the Garden of Eden is already tempting. Even so without the added benefit of profit and capital gain. Living just a good life would be very satisfactory in itself already, right? However, here in Bali one does not exclude the other. A heavenly lifestyle, affordable everything and most western luxuries abound, plus an amazing income potential – Bali Island comes as close to paradise on earth as anyone may may ever get.

If you can take advantage of those still affordable property prices now, you can enjoy a quality life style which is hard to afford anywhere else. You will also find that good properties net a capital growth of 20% p.a., or receive top rental returns. (Our Rental Department has been renting out every single villa, which was given to us for marketing).

For years already, property is steadily appreciating in value with 10 to 15% above the CPI. Math tells us, this cannot go on forever. However, at present (2011/12) there is no end in sight and as long as the amazing journey goes, one might as well enjoy the tour.

Lets look at what else is in it for you by moving to Bali. There is no capital gains tax for villas up to 400sqm living area. Annual land taxes on your block of land are the equivalent youd pay for a steak with a decent glass of wine and your housemaids monthly wage is comparable to paying 3 hours plumbers work almost anywhere else at home overseas.

On a related issue, - we wish that Bali remains this unique blend of tradition, spirituality and heavenly place, where all sensitive people are surely welcome to stay.
There are some effective ways in which even a property agent can help here. We talk to local land owners and try to persuade them, so that they invest part of their transaction money in their childrens education. We arrange that local villagers find employment during the building period and after that in the villa management and we lobby the Balinese Government to improve cleanliness and infrastructure.

On the next subject we better move from heaven back down to solid ground: 

The Legal ownership of property.
You are well advised to find a qualified Agent, Lawyer and Notary who can give you valid and relevant practical and legal advice.
Buying a property in another Country is possibly one of the most challenging steps in every ones personal life. We want full control over our investment, together with the guarantee that we have all rights of usage and our rights are protected to the maximum level available under the law. The key to this safety is an established, experienced and professional partner who is guiding you responsibly through the property selection and the transaction progress from A to Z.
Our team of western and local professionals is understandably proud of our special track record- No legal uncertainties or problems have arisen since we opened our doors 7 years ago. Ever. We have then selected expert legal advisers and work with leading Notary Offices with a longstanding reputation for excellence in property transactions. This is our prerequisite for utmost legal safety for all our clients.
In addition we are happy to assist when it comes to search for good architects, construction companies and suppliers. Based on our clients experience we have built a comprehensive data base, which we are happy to share with our clients.

Please accept my invitation to write to us, so that we can discuss your plans for Bali.
There are no strings attached and naturally all advice is free of charge.

You will see, I , or any of our staff will genuinely enjoy to give you guidance and advice. More effective again- if you could come in person. It will be a visit well worth your while. Promise!

We are indeed much looking forward to the occasion and privilege of hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,

Ramon Genz
Bali Elite Realty / UbudProperty




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